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Developing the Future of Workflow-Driven

Compose and deploy workflow driven microservices swiftly with LittleHorse - a dynamic platform enhancing developer agility wherever business demands.

Build right, build fast, never rewrite

Automate any workflow, anywhere

Future-proof your IT stack

Build on any Cloud

What's New


Introducing LittleHorse 0.5.0

LittleHorse now fully supports python alongside golang and java, making it easier than ever to handle diverse business scenarios. Dive into our release blog to discover more about our latest enhancements!

Empowering Modern Software Engineering with Precision and Agility

In an era where adapting swiftly to ever-changing business demands is paramount, LittleHorse ensures that engineering teams are always a step ahead. Not only do we maintain impeccable code quality, service reliability, and scalability, but our platform also brings inherent monitoring, observability, and debugging tools. This means incidents are less likely, and when they do arise, response times are faster.


Use-Case Overview

Simplify your microservice architecture with LittleHorse orchestration. LittleHorse centralizes and streamlines your microservice workflows, alleviating common developer challenges. By positioning LittleHorse at the heart of your architecture, you ensure consistent and efficient inter-service communication, reducing complexities and enhancing data reliability.

Get Started with LittleHorse today

Get started with LittleHorse Community, or request a free trial of a LittleHorse Cloud Sandbox

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