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Everything you love about LittleHorse, in your own environment

LittleHorse Platform is  a powerful, on-premise solution delivered through a Kubernetes operator, allowing you to utilize LittleHorse without operational headaches and yet while still keeping your sensitive data within your four walls. . Our platform is not just about keeping your data safe; it's about optimizing every aspect of your microservices.

We Provide Compliance Service that


  • TLS and mTLS traffic encryption

  • OAuth 2.0 for fine-grained access control

  • Integrates with your certificate management system and OAuth / SSO server

Ease of Operations

  • Seamless updates and security patches

  • Rack awareness

  • Manage LittleHorse with GitOps or kubectl

  • Export metrics to Prometheus


  • Automatic configuration tuning based on provided resources

  • Resource recommendations based on load

  • Advanced rolling update logic to avoid downtime

Full Control

  • All of your data lives on your own infrastructure

  • Use your committed spend to provision nodes

  • Securely share a server in private cloud for multiple teams.

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Key Features

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Tailored to Your Needs

  • Custom Configuration: Adjust settings to match your workflow requirements.

  • Flexible Architecture: Adapts smoothly to various operational environments.

  • User-Centric Design: Interfaces and processes designed with the user in mind.

Optimized Performance

  • Efficient Scaling: Automatically adjusts to workload changes.

  • Enhanced Security: Robust protection for all your operations.

  • High Responsiveness: Quick and agile response to enterprise demands.

Seamless Scalability

  • Dynamic Expansion: Grows with your business needs.

  • Load Management: Efficiently handles increasing user or data volumes.

  • Resource Optimization: Maximizes use of available resources.

Security at Its Core

  • Data Sovereignty: Your data remains within your controlled environment.

  • Advanced Security Measures: Use TLS, mTLS, OAuth, and fine-grained ACL’s to lock down your cluster.

  • Regular Updates: Stay ahead with continuous security improvements.

Get Started with LittleHorse today

Get started with LittleHorse Community, or request a free trial of a LittleHorse Cloud Sandbox

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